Atlanta Studies posits that “a city is no better than its scholarship” — and we’ll add its cultural output. To know what makes contemporary Atlanta, Atlanta — start here.

Of Origins and Belonging, Drawn from Atlanta // “Where are the places you go in Atlanta to understand how it knows and sees itself?” Marian Liou, formerly of WeLoveBuhi inquires. “How are our artists of color changing and expanding our understanding of Atlanta?” Of Origins and Belonging, Drawn from Atlanta is the third in a series of exhibitions at the High focused on work by Atlanta-based artists. The exhibition features six artists who address issues related to place, belonging and heritage in their work. This iteration of the High’s Atlanta drawings project features artists whose distinct voices, diverse perspectives and personal experiences represent worldviews informed and enriched by their cultural heritage and the bond they share as members of a diverse creative community in Atlanta.

Lesson Plan // With must-listen content like “Exploring the Black Diasporic Geographies of Metro Atlanta” Atlanta Studies is an open access, multimedia platform that publishes work from the scholars, writers, artists, and activists who are writing the next chapters in the city’s story by examining Atlanta from a wide range of perspectives and offering thoughtful analyses of the metro region’s past and present for a public audience.

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By Kamille D. Whittaker

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