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Wrist Action

It’s been said that smart phones decreased, in large part, the popularity of and need for watches. We’re always staring at our phones and th... Continue Reading

Sweet Dreams

By Katrice L. Mines Mariann Simpson’s story rings reminiscent of a recently popular movie script centered on a young woman’s exhaustive purs... Continue Reading

The Boxcar Grocer

By Kamille D. Whittaker Consider The Boxcar Grocer, the “neighborhood corner store,” remixed. It’s a sustainable living and wellness underta... Continue Reading

Turn Down Service

By Katrice It was a lazy Wednesday by temperature standards in Jamaica when I eased into my seat in a quiet corner of Sangster International... Continue Reading


Take this weekend to test drive Atlanta’s fleet of car-sharing services – each with their own custom features and trimmings. Uber {marquee} ... Continue Reading