The Editor’s View: Annual Wellness Issue

By Katrice L. Mines, Editor

This year has been the most active of my life. I’ve done everything from bodyboarding in Texas and tennis lessons in Florida to standup paddle boarding on a lake and biking across the countryside in Switzerland. I like to try things that challenge me a bit physically and so a lot of what I’ve enjoyed this year were first time experiences for me. Since I started really focusing on my fitness, I’ve gone through several phases of recalibration trying to keep things fresh and interesting. But, the reality is I’m committed to a wellness lifestyle because of how much it improves me all the way around. So, even when I get bored or distracted, I put a lot of energy into not giving it up. I talk a lot about how my family’s annual wellness challenge was the jumpstart I needed to get moving five years ago, but what I rarely get a chance to share is how there are times when I hit a lull and lose interest in the gym or reaching my minimum 13,000 steps a day goal. I don’t always feel like it, especially since I started working out at 5:30 a.m. this summer versus after work. Almost every day when my alarm goes off, I think: I don’t feel like it.

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