Life Hacks You Need Now

What did we do before our favorite life hacks? We don’t even want to know.


Most travelers prefer luggage in darker shades; It’s an obvious choice when thinking about the longevity of your travel accessories. Yes, it hides scuff marks and general wear, but it also looks similar to hundreds of other bags cycling around the baggage belt at the airport. If you simply can’t resist that black oversized suitcase, take the time to attach an easily recognizable and differentiating piece of fabric or eclectic tag to the handle of your bag – even if it’s a carry-on size that you’ll store overhead in the cabin. It may seem like a superficial gesture that frequent travelers make, but it serves a variety of purposes from helping you distinguish your bag quickly to helping others do so, if it ever misplaced.

Also, take a few minutes to fill out the information card that comes with new luggage. One of the first things airline officials ask you when trying to track a lost bag is if there is anything in or on your bag that has your identification. 

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