The Editor’s View: Atlanta’s Best

Inevitably, when the nomination season for our Best of Atlanta issue begins each year, I expect to see some businesses that have become favorites of mine since readers put them on my radar in years past. I don’t get to nominate, but I do root for the past winners to still be winning as much as I look forward to highlighting a new class of companies within the African-American small business community of metro Atlanta.


So often, the companies aren’t actually new. We just have not had the pleasure of patronizing them.

These are the issues I keep at my fingertips, literally in a rack at the front of my desk, for my own reference as well as the frequent inquiries from friends and occasional calls to our offices for black-owned establishments of various industries.

If there was an issue that makes us most proud around the offices of Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine, I’d have to say it is the Best of Atlanta edition. Of everything we produce throughout the year, it just simply feels like our best work (no pun intended).

I’m positive you’ll want to stash this issue away for your future needs, but I also hope that it will inspire you to let us know about your go-to and favorite black-owned spots around town for next year. We’re always looking.

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