Atlanta-based Anamarie Shreeves heads Fort Negrita, a definitive source for zero waste, self-reliance, conscious consumerism and eco-tourism. Through Fort Negrita, Anamarie has hosted workshops, developed resources and consulted local businesses to increase awareness about the zero waste lifestyle– the practice of producing no trash, no contributions to landfills and increasing efficiency. Anamarie started her zero waste journey in 2014 and has been able to fit months of waste into mason jars. How? For her, it starts in the mind, followed by the intention to change, and then the execution.

 What does revolution look like to you?

Perhaps our idea of revolution was developed by movies, music and pop culture, but let’s be real it’s overwhelming to think about it.

Revolution doesn’t have to be so complicated, violent or devastating.

Practicing everyday acts of revolution is how we manage to exists, otherwise, we spend our lives waiting for that big moment to happen.

In lieu of a big undertaking, take everyday acts of revolution and trust that ideologies and behaviors will spread.


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