If I could put my experience at Atlanta Tribune into one word, it would be grateful

By Charles Canady Jr.
Graphics Intern | George A. Lottier Golf Scholarship Foundation 

If I could put my experience at the Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine into one word, it would be GRATEFUL.

This has been a challenging, compelling, and extraordinary learning experience for me. This is on record as my first experience working for any agency or company as a graphic designer, other than working for my alma mater’s Student Activities and Marketing departments. Because of that, I did not know what to expect from my intern supervisors as far as the aesthetic or the flow of work, except what I have seen in the magazine and others like it. My first step was to ask as many questions as I could: “What kind of fonts do you like to see? What is the color scheme? Are there certain graphics standards required?”

The design process was similar to what I’m used to from past internships and contracted jobs, as well as my freelance work: the ‘client’ (in this case, my intern supervisor) sends a request for a new design, and gives me perspective on how they want it to look. I then send a draft, get it critiqued, and again send a draft … get it critiqued some more … and then create a final product to turn in. I do think that I put much more pressure on myself than usual — because I wanted to do so well.

A sample of one of Charles Canady Jr.'s creations.

Sample graphic design work by AT Intern Charles Canady Jr.

I have always wanted to design for something significant, especially a popular magazine publication. The essence of a good magazine is the quality of it’s graphics and visuals. The advertising in the best magazines is always top-tier, and it always flows with a sort of visually compelling essence to it, that sells whatever its focus is. The layouts are always crisp, cleanly structured and well-flowing. I’ve always wanted to design with those traits in mind, and so joining one of the top black business magazines in the country is my chance to learn and grow in my craft in a way that I’ve always wanted to.

I also appreciate the opportunity to attend the various networking events that the magazine hosts. As an alum of a prestigious HBCU, I am drawn to crowds of prominent black professionals, all seeking to better themselves and the community. I definitely look forward to more events!

I am grateful for the chance to learn and to grow, and the chance to be a part of something as prestigious as Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine. 

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