First Look: DeKalb Kids Project Inc.

Just in time for school to begin last summer, the DeKalb Kids Project Inc. hosted a back to school drive with Nick’s Barber Shop, where Stone Mountain and East Decatur neighborhood kids received book bags, school supplies and free haircuts. From there, the DeKalb Kids Project, Inc. has organized weekly events engaging both children and adults ­— all with the purpose of getting kids outdoors and in the habit of playing together while working on sportsmanship, understanding teamwork, developing self-confidence and self-discipline and learning to communicate through trial and error. The overarching mission: To provide each child with the necessary tools and skills to fulfill their passions, make their visions a reality and obtain physical, emotional and mental wellness with the assistance of parents, educators and community leaders.


The educational organization was launched based on a desire to fundamentally reconstitute the communities throughout DeKalb County through mentorship — a ricochet to the embrace founders Tiijon DaCosta Sr., Diijon DaCosta and Dawit Willis received by members of the same community upon first moving to DeKalb County in 1989. They witnessed then that strong connections, communication and involvement in academics between teachers, community leaders and parents was imperative to the process of raising children with positive character traits that they will possess for a lifetime.

History repeats itself.

For the future: In between volunteering in classrooms in partnership with the DeKalb County School District and a male empowerment series, a new partnership with Keep DeKalb Beautiful Inc. will help improve DeKalb County’s environment by educating residents, businesses and students on anti-litter strategies, recycling and beautification.

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