Moore’s Ford Bridge Massacre (GA) is No #1 Agenda Item at SCLC Convention

The 2014 Annual SCLC National Convention  that convened in Birmingham, AL on August 11, 2014, was a bevy of community leaders, elected officials and organizers from across the nation who gathered to plan to discuss their agenda for the next year. The unsolved murder of the Malcolm’s and the Dorsey’s, two African American couples, at Moore’s Ford Bridge near Monroe, GA was at the top of the list. On the heels of the recent 10th annual reenactment of the lynching at the Moore’s Ford Bridge, the SCLC and other community leaders are convinced that hidden facts in the cover up of the story are just beginning to unravel.

Moore’s Ford Bridge Partners which include NAACP, SCLC, and GABEO (the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials) have recommitted themselves to the cause of justice for these victims.  “Action items from the SCLC convention include the following charges and we do not take these lightly,” said Reverend Dr. Bernard Lafayette, National Board Chairman of the SCLC:


  1. Bringing a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the victims against appropriate agencies involved in the cover-up (Federal, State, and local), against those perpetrators still living, and against the estates of those who are dead.
  2. Demanding a congressional hearing on these lynching’s.
  3. Calling for full funding of the Emmitt Till Bill (unsolved Civil Rights Crime Justice Act)

Senator Charles Steele, National President of SCLC, and GA Representative Tyrone Brooks, veteran community activist at SCLC and President of GABEO, have committed their energy to creating a Moore’s Ford Movement Museum and Educational Learning Center in Monroe GA.  “We plan to keep to the tasks of bringing justice for these crimes and  we will reorganize/reinstate the GABEO & SCLC chapter in Monroe GA,” said Mr. Brooks.

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