U.S. Ranked No. 17 in List of Best Countries for Women

Forbes ranked the top 20 countries for gender equality and the Unites States was ranked in the bottom three.

Using rankings from The World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report of 2011, Forbes constructed a list of the top 20 countries best suited for women. The report uses measurements of women’s economic participation and opportunity, access to education, health and survival rates and political empowerment.

Among the top 20, the United States was ranked No. 17 with a score of 74.1 percent.

Here are the top 10 countries where women thrive:

  1. Iceland , score: 85.3 percent
  2. Norway, score: 84 percent
  3. Finland, score: 83.8 percent
  4. Sweden, score: 80.4 percent
  5. Ireland, score: 78.3 percent
  6. New Zealand, score: 78.1 percent
  7. Denmark, score: 77.8 percent
  8. Philippines, score: 76.9 percent
  9. Lesotho, score: 76.7 percent
  10. Switzerland, score: 76.3 percent

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