Tech Byte: Apple on Wheels

While consumers await the arrival of the iPhone 6, rumored to be released in September, Apple Inc. has released Apple CarPlay, an iPhone experience on four wheels.

Apple touts CarPlay as the safer and smarter way to use the iPhone while driving. CarPlay places all the features of an iPhone on the car’s built-in display screen. While focusing on the road, the driver will be able to get directions, place calls and read messages.

Bluetooth offers a similar experience, but as usual, Apple takes technology to another level.

CarPlay is specifically designed for driving scenarios. It includes Siri voice control and is also designed to work with the car’s control knobs, buttons or touchscreen. In addition to the previous features of Apple Maps, CarPlay can predict places the driver might want to go using their addresses in emails, contacts, text messages and calendars. It is also built to fully support all Apple applications, where Bluetooth fell short.

CarPlay will be available in models of Ferrari, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai and Volvo. Future marques will include Chevrolet, Toyota and Nissan. AT

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