5 Gadgets for Your New Smarthome

It’s time to be a little lazy. Yes, lazy. Laziness is not usually advocated, but when you’ve spent 8 hours in front of a computer, we give you permission to be carefree when you get home.

As technology progresses, smarthomes are becoming more of a reality. These homes give you the ability to control all appliances with one mobile device. Instead of spending $2 million on a brand new home, use these five gadgets to turn your ordinary home into a smarthome.

1.HarvestGeek: This waterproof gadget is placed in the soil to measure water, air temp, humidity, light intensity and soil moisture. It allows you to make gardening decisions about water and care right from your home. Sensors connect to a base station that is able to send you notifications via the web and mobile applications.

harvest-580-902.Vivint Whole-home System: Vivint allows you to use one main control system for home security and temperature through the web and iPad applications. There are presets for moving a pan-tilt camera in your living room to look out of the window and a unique door lock system allowing you to lock one door, triggering Vivint to lock every other door automatically.

smart_phone_automation3.Whirlpool Smart Dishwasher: This connected appliance is fully automated and connected using a technology called 6th Sense Live. After activating the wash cycle remotely using the web or mobile app, the Energy Adviser system shows you much energy the appliance is using so you can adjust usage time for a better rate. It also gives you the ability to check on maintenance schedules, as well as use the app to notify you when the dishes are clean.

WhirlpoolSmart.WebDashboard-580-904.Kohler Moxie Showerhead plus Wireless Speaker: This Bluetooth device can be used in the shower or in any room in the house. The speaker is snapped to the showerhead using a magnet and streams music using Bluetooth from any device including Android and iOS phones and tablets.



5.Airfy Beacon: The Airfy Beacon uses sensors and mobile applications to tie all these gadgets together. By placing sensors around the home, you can control any smart product in your home just by walking in the room. The sensors are activated by the pre-set settings on your mobile device, so if you usually start your daily routine brushing your teeth or cooking breakfast the lights in those rooms will be activated once you step inside. The pre-set settings can also help to conserve energy by turning off appliances when you are not in the room.


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