3 Ways to Engage Employees

One of the main reasons employees quit is because they are feeling unappreciated or overworked. An employee wants to be valued, cherished, and treated like gold, literally. If their current employer doesn’t treat them in such a manner, they will move on to the next employer.

Harvard Business Review states, the only way an employee will be engaged is if they take ownership of their work. Employees need to feel that what they’re doing matters.

In order to help employers keep their employees engaged, here are three simple tips:

  1. Talk impact, not finances. One thing an employer should recognize is the difference between the needs of the shareholder versus the needs of the employee.  A shareholder may care about the financial performance of the company, but that might not motivate the employee. Employees are often motivated by the impact their organization has on the world around them. This is particularly true of younger employees, the Millennials who make up most of today’s workforce.
  2. Lead to inspire. Research shows that people who work for inspiring leaders are more committed, satisfied and productive. If you look back at history, those who led to inspire were more successful than those who led just to accomplish a goal. Employees who work under someone they find inspirational are less likely to leave their jobs.
  3. Cultivate advocates, not just satisfied employees. Employees who are “satisfied” may or may not feel engaged. Satisfied employees come to work like every other employee, clock in, clock out and that’s the end of their day. Some “satisfied” employees might even enjoy coming to work, but they won’t go the extra mile. Employees who feel engage will become advocates, even without their employers mentioning anything. After employees begin to advocate for their workplace it creates a domino effect. One family member will tell their friend, who will share with another friend, who might share with their family member who might be a customer.

One important thing employers should remember, engagement isn’t about placating employees, it’s about keeping employees. For more tips, read the full article on Harvard Business Review .

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