I now pronounce you…Healthy!

By Ramese Long

How many years have passed and you’ve said, “this is the year I’m going to get in shape?” I know I sound like a broken record, but you won’t change the station. How busy are you? How many diets have “failed” you? How many gyms cost too much? That is not the problem. Look in the mirror and you’ll see the problem. I don’t say this to make you feel bad; I say this to snap you out of the hypnotic state all of us reside in at one point or another.

You may be thinking it’s very presumptive of me to say you’re in a hypnotic state. Let me ask you this: what is your daily routine? How long have you had said routine? Do you justify it by saying, “I have no choice”… “it works for me … “I can’t change it” …etc. Now, prior to this current routine  which you have no power to change  there had to be another “routine” and another and another. Whether you were forced into this routine or not doesn’t matter because the bottom line is you made it work. You can figure out a way if you’re truly honest with yourself; not hard on yourself, but honest. I can give you tips for days but the bottom line is…in order for you to get moving and stick with it, you are going to have to dig deep, make a decision and never look back. Everything in your life up to this point has been a process which you’ve gathered information, so take the information and use it to your benefit. Stop procrastinating and making excuses.

We are now five months into 2014 and you’re likely using the same excuses as last year and the year before. How do you expect change when you do nothing to change? Look for solutions, not a miracle, because the miracle is in your solutions.

You have two choices…

1. Keep doing what you’re doing and dream about the fitness fairy putting the magical potion under your pillow while you sleep. Or…

2. Be honest and acknowledge that every day you choose to not make health a priority, you continue to create a deeper hole for yourself, physically and financially. It’s never too late to change, but you must decide to make the change, create a new process and stick to it … no matter what!

By the power vested in me by the current state of your fitness I say: divorce the person in the mirror who justifies your excuses and elope.

Do someTHIN!

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