New in Cellphone Technology: Revi Charger


Innovation. When it comes to the latest and coolest technologies, innovative is very clearly the common denominator. It seems that nowadays there is a product for everything, so when something new comes out on the market it is a guaranteed win. Stay tuned for the newest innovation produced by a group of the world’s top engineers called the “Revi Charger”. Combining a USB cable and charger, the Revi Charger allows cell phones to charge in any USB port as well as wirelessly through the battery charge. Besides being able to charge your phone anytime and anywhere, the charger is also fun-sized, not exceeding the size of a credit card. The charger comes in two different thicknesses, one with a 550 mAh battery capacity and the other with a 1440 mAh battery capacity. While the sizes of the chargers are different, they are both compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nexus, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Lumia, LG and more. The Revi Charger is available for pre-ordering and is a guaranteed sell out.

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