VO Atlanta 2014 Voice Over Conference Photos

***Featured Photo: Gerald Griffith (Conference Founder/ Rodney Saulsberry)***

JeffPanel-1 VO Conference

Stephanie Ciccarelli of Voices.com, David Goldberg, Randy Thomas, Mary Lynn Wissner, and Jeffery Umberger

Jeffrey-1 VO Conference

Jeffrey Umberger (Umberger Agency)

RODNEY-1 VO ConferenceRodney Saulsberry (voice of 34th Image Awards/Essence Awards/Red Tails)

Anne-Elaine-Celia VO ConferenceAnne Ganguzza, Elaine Clark, Ceila Siegal

DaveF-1 VO ConferenceDave Fennoy (voice of Hulu.com)

Lauren-2 VO ConferenceLauren Hudson (Emmy Award winning Television News Reporter/ Celebrity Interviewer)

RandyT-2 VO ConferenceRandy Thomas (Entertainment Tonight/ Oscars 2014)

JoeL-1 VO ConferenceJoel Loesch (voice of Disney characters/ Looney Tunes audiobooks)

JoeC-1 VO ConferenceJoe Cipriano (voice of Fox Network)

BobBergen2 VO ConferenceBob Bergen (Looney Tunes character voices)

DavidG-1-2 VO ConferenceDavid Goldberg (Edge Studios)

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