Editor’s View: Purpose Driven

By: Katrice Mines, Editor

There’s something about the intersection of gift and purpose.

You can, of course, have a talent and it not be your passion or your purpose. But if by chance you have the fortune of intertwining your gift with just one of those things, what produces is that something that separates the good from the great

I think we’ve all admired from a distance or been mentored by someone that we believe produces a little of the magic I refer to above. My friends and I have considered Oprah Winfrey a mentor in our heads since the launch of her amazingly successful talk show. Observing that kind of impact over the years, as cliché as it may sound, has been the wind beneath my wings.

In my mentoring relationships, not only do I share what I’ve learned from experience with younger women, I share what I have gleaned from the observing the women I admire. I study their perspectives and the choices they’ve made — their ups and their downs. And individuals who have recognized their purpose and have begun to operate in it tend to be a fountain — because in so many cases, they understand that those triumphs and setbacks were not for their benefit alone. I’ve heard that from my mother many times over the years. In the storytelling business, there’s an endless stream of life lessons, business and personal … good and bad. You take what you need and leave the rest.

The same is true of the women we salute during Women’s History Month. When the time to make our final selection of Superwomen rolls around each year, there’s no shortage of worthy candidates; we’ve featured college presidents, small business owners turned moguls, entrepreneurs, community leaders and more. Enter: Cheryl Lomax, Dr. Bernice A. King and Ernestine Garey, Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine’s 2014 Superwomen.

March14Cover400 copyThe stories of the Superwomen along with a supporting cast of notables that we shine a light on in this issue — Susan J. “Sue” Ross, Ingrid Saunders Jones, Sonya O. Hunte and Sharon Heard-Jones — feel familiar, though nuances differentiate the women behind them. End goals and launching pads aside, the tie that binds is purpose. Their movements upward are congruent though each has come to her calling from her own walk, and the end result remains singular. She will pay it forward.

Cue applause.


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