Top News: MLK estate lawsuit, Decline in Auto Sales, and Microsoft’s New CEO

“MLK Estate Wants His Daughter to Give up His Nobel”

Martin Luther King Jr.’s children are locked in yet another legal battle, this time over the civil rights icon’s Nobel Peace Prize and his personal Bible.

The complaint against Bernice King was filed Friday in Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta by her father’s estate, which is controlled by her brothers, Martin Luther King III and Dexter King. Bernice King said in a statement Tuesday that her brothers want to sell the Bible and medal to a private buyer and that she opposes that.

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“Auto Sales for January Held Down by Harsh Winter Weather”

Automakers reported on Monday sharp declines in United States sales in January as a harsh freeze and winter storms thwarted purchases across much of the country.

Sales fell 3.1 percent to just over one million vehicles for the month, according to Autodata, halting a steady gain in industrywide monthly performance.

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“New Boss at Microsoft, With Gates at His Side”

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that Mr. Gates, a longtime titan of the tech industry, was shedding his role as chairman to dig in more with products and technology at the company, which he co-founded nearly 40 years ago.

At the same time, he is expected play a distinctly secondary role to Satya Nadella, whom Microsoft named as its new chief executive. Mr. Nadella asked Mr. Gates to become a part-time adviser to him, a change that comes with great potential upsides for the company, but some potential land mines, too.

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