{Apps We Love} Need a bit of hassling?

Not eating enough fruit? Forgot your dogs annual vaccinations? Need a little help keeping your New Year’s resolutions? Tell HassleMe what to hassle you about, and it’ll nag you with alerts at semi-unpredictable intervals. When you want to keep reminding yourself to do something, but don’t want to go through the hassle of using a full blown to-do app or even setting up a calendar entry, this is the app for you.

Here’s how it works: HassleMe will let you nimbly add and remove things that you want to remember. It can show you the number of things you have in your list as well as the most recently added item on a live tile. And it gives you the option of showing you a notification every so often, which includes a text reminder, vibration and a sound effect.

*Soon users will also be able to:
Sync reminders between all of your devices.  So no matter what you’re looking at, you will always know what’s outstanding.

Use the speech-to-text feature to add new reminders hands-free while on the go.

Remind yourself to do something by taking a picture instead of typing a note.

Get it here.

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