Top News: Pricing in Small Business, New Tactics for T-Mobile, and A Change for Bill Gates

“With New Thinking and Technology, Some Businesses Get Creative With Pricing”

Many business owners struggle with pricing. Should their first concern be covering costs or figuring out what the market will bear? How do they determine what the market will pay without raising prices high enough that some customers flee? And can they offer discounts without damaging their price brand?

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“T-Mobile Picks a New Villain to Attack: Banks”

T-Mobile (TMUS) knows how to pick its villains. After spending most of the last year loudly butchering the mobile industry’s sacred cows, the carrier says it is positioning itself as a good-guy alternative to high-cost financial services for people without bank accounts.

The company announced a service Wednesday called Mobile Money, which pairs a prepaid Visa card with a mobile app to allow people to do such things as deposit and cash checks via smartphone, get money from ATMs, and send money to one another.

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“Dabbling in Microsoft Is Enough for Gates”

 Bill Gates, the chairman and former chief executive of Microsoft, is more involved with the company now than he has been in years. But he does not — repeat, not — want to run it.

Since Microsoft began a search for a new chief executive months ago, Mr. Gates and people close to him have said that he will not return to lead the company. For good measure, Mr. Gates said it again on Tuesday, in an interview on Bloomberg Television.

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