Top News: Home Loans, Target Security Breach, and Generations on Wall Street

“As Refinancing Wanes, Banks are Wary of New Loans”

The stars seem to be aligning in the housing market. Home prices have been rising for many months, and the federal government is providing immense support to bolster the mortgage market. The big banks that make home loans are strong enough to provide credit to borrowers, as seen in the fourth-quarter results reported Tuesday by JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo.

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“How Hackers Stole Target Customers’ Data”

When Target (TGT) announced a breach of customer data in December, tens of millions of people who shop there had to worry that hackers had stolen their financial information. When the company’s chief executive officer admitted on Monday that the problem was malware in its credit-card reading system, businesses had even more cause to worry.

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“On Wall Street, A Generation Gap on Work-Life Issues”

Now, experts say, young people are putting less emphasis on making money and more on finding work that is meaningful to them. They understand that late nights and weekends might be required, but they also want the flexibility that technology can afford – the ability to work remotely, for instance, and to connect easily with others.

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