Hope, Business, Exercise … Huh? (Pt. 2)

By Ramese Long

Last time we convened, we talked about taking a journey; A journey of change, gradual momentum and commitment. Chances are you didn’t complete a thing from our previous conversation. Or did you? If you did — bravo. If you didn’t, ask yourself why and if you truly want a change in your life. You must continue to take it one day, one week, one month at a time. You must live in the “N.O.W.”

Living in the uttermost present is the secret to your success. Making the decision to accept there is ‘no other way” to get healthy than to make small strides in a positive direction. Remember, we are going for lasting results and that’s a process. If you take the shortcut route expect short results.

We take shortcuts because we feel as if we don’t have time to waste. You’re right. So, why waste time with a shortcut? Think of how fast this year has passed. Imagine if you had walked just three times a week for 15-30 minutes each time. Think you would have seen long lasting results by now?

How do you create long lasting results? Here are two of my tricks. One: Make a vision score board and record your very own pep talks. First, you’ll need a bulletin board. Divide the board into two halves by putting tape from the top of the board to the bottom. On the left side, write “current.”On the right side, write “future” and post future goals on that side of the board.  On the left, post your current status. When you accomplish a future goal, move it to the current side. Get rid of the old goals with a new future goals and repeat as you succeed. Seeing is believing.

Now, on to pep talks. This is your own personal motivational tool. Look at your score board and grab your cell phone. Using your video camera record a 90-second pep talk about how you’re going to accomplish your goals, the steps you plan to take and what you think it will feel like when you reach them. When you need motivation, watch it. It’ll get you back on track. I recommend doing your pep talk video on Sunday so you can account for the week that passed and plan for the upcoming week. Remember, I’m here with suggestions but this is your journey so choose what works best for you.

Don’t read this blog just to watch from the sidelines. Get in the game…N.O.W.

Back in 2 weeks.

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