7 Lucrative Part-Time Jobs

By Kelli Bennett, Editorial Intern

I am a huge fan of lists, not only do they provide concise information, lists allow those scanning readers to gather the necessary information. One of the most informative lists I’ve found is the CNNMoney list outlining seven part-time jobs that pay up to $40 an hour.

Below are the seven jobs provided in an article by David Schepp:

School Bus Driver

  • Hourly:  $12.40 to $16.70
  • Median Weekly Hours Worked:  26

Makeup Artist

  • Hourly:  $14.70 to $23.50
  • Median Weekly Hours Worked:  20

This is a great opportunity for someone to turn their hobby into a highly paid part-time job.  According to the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology, an aspiring licensed cosmetologist must complete coursework at a Georgia cosmetology school and pass a licensing exam.  Though this may seem demanding, the profit will pay off; and if you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you could start your own business.  Think about it!

Dance Teacher

  • Hourly:  $15.30 to $24.50
  • Median Weekly Hours Worked: 8


  • Hourly:  $12.70 to $27
  • Median Weekly Hours Worked: 8

English Teacher for Non-Native Speakers

  • Hourly:   $18.10-30.50
  • Median Weekly Hours Worked: 17

It is no secret that the ability to teach is not granted to everyone.  For those with (or obtaining) a bachelor’s degree in education should consider taking their foreign language classes seriously.  Though ESL may not be your passion, this skill can be the answer to temporary placing outside of college.

Flight Attendant

  • Hourly: $26 to 34.80
  • Median Weekly Hours Worked: 20

Flight Attendant should be considered more than glorified “plane waitresses” they are considered one of the highest paying part-time employees.  I’ve always thought flight attendants were lucky; I don’t know of too many jobs that pay a person to travel.

Within the next year, I’ll have fulfilled the biggest requirement by obtaining my college degree.  It’s that easy.  If you know someone with a passion for travel and a welcoming personality, this is a great opportunity for them.

Pilates or Yoga Instructor

  • Hourly: $20.20 to $39.90
  • Median Weekly Hours Worked: 6

After obtaining your mat instructor certification for a maximum of $300, the monry will begin to flow in from there—after three weeks of instructing you could easily have your certification paid off.


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