5 Top Mobile Apps for Business Travelers

Trip LingoApps make us happy — especially while doing business on the go. Whether checking the status of a flight or having a document signed, smart phones and tablets are designed to help you get business done while jetsetting.

Say goodbye to language barriers. TripLingo makes picking up the local lingo and culture a cinch during trips. Upgrade your travel with the customized learning experience and converse and close deals like a local in no time.

No more stuffing receipts in purse pockets and briefcases. With free mobile and Google apps, the service makes it a snap to photograph business receipts and automatically create line items for your report. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks.

Right Signature
Need a document signed ASAP? Try this app to get any document signed, sealed and delivered, digitally. Right Signature™ makes getting business done a little easier. For example, with tax season sneaking up soon, file your W-2, sign it and send it to your tax accountant, all in one sitting. Now, that’s handling your business.

Use this app for organizing your travels. Simply forward all travel-related confirmation emails to TripIt and you’ll get a day-by-day itinerary based on any travel arrangements such as flight schedule, car rental confirmation, hotel reservation and more.

What’sNearMe PRO
If you find yourself in the middle of London’s bustling Waterloo station with not a clue of where to go next, don’t fret. Open the app and it will pull your location from the phone’s GPS. Tap the category you want – tea shop, gas station, bookstore, computer café, ATM, etc. — and it will map a variety of options nearby. Tourist who?

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