Techies of the Southern Wild


The Atlanta Tech Village is Buckhead’s new, 100,000-square-foot haven for techpreneurs. A tech hub for start-ups in the heart of the region’s financial district?


After all, all start-ups need capital; and ATV will benefit from exposure, proximity and the residual legitimacy and “cool” that having a Buckhead address affords, by default. The big picture – even beyond the seemingly communal quest to make Atlanta a technology destination – is to provide tech companies, remote offices of tech companies headquartered elsewhere, start-ups, consultants, tech-related service providers and anyone else doing innovative things the space and camaraderie to engage in change-the-world type undertakings.

Ambitious much, but the formula is sound and designed to maintain a vibrant creative spark within the compound confines. Instead of long-term leases based per square foot, ATV is providing space per person per month with a hybrid of public and private areas rich in amenities. Monthly membership pricing is all inclusive and highly tailored to your companies. You’ll get the tangibles — office space, furniture, conference rooms, fast Internet access; and the intangibles – community, co- and networking opportunities, success by association. Don’t mistake it for a technology incubator like the prestigious ATDC and Georgia Tech’s new Flashpoint further south however. It’s not. This is where you come to do business after the technology bug has already taken flight. This is where you come to do. Beyond the abstract and conceptual, it’s for “cool people doing cool things.”

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