Google Genius


Samsung’s suite of Android-platformed products took the world by storm last year and unofficially contributed to the recent free-fall of Apple shares on reports of low iPhone 5 sales and slinking demand. Samsung’s Google-run laptop ought to get its shine as well. The company is pulling its weight with the release of its newest model Chromebook that’s ooh-la-la sleek, boots up in seconds and boasts a zero-complication quotient. The Samsung Series 3 XE303C12 model that utilizes an SSD and a processor that you would normally find within a tablet is a 2.4-pound machine with an 11.6-inch screen. It not only runs a more functional version of Google’s operating system than in earlier Chromebook generations, but it carries a price tag far below most notebooks – most tablets for that matter — on the market: $249. Now that the Android platform has caught many a users’ fancy, the consumer markets are starting to see the genius of Google. List all the things that you do on your percent laptop and chances are 99 percent of them involve Internet applications. Now, you make the connection.

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