Apple May Integrate LinkedIn With iOS

By Tiffany Pennamon, Editorial Intern

Look out iPhone users! The new iOS 7 coming out in the fall may feature the widely used networking app, LinkedIn. With the new update, users will only have to log in to LinkedIn once on their phone and will be able to share more content from Safari and other Apple apps. This feature is already available for the Twitter and Facebook apps.

One Apple developer says, “some of the code needed to complete the integration is missing, which is why it’s not present in the current developer beta of iOS 7.” For this reason, it is still unclear if the integration will happen.

If you are a business owner or young professional and do not have a LinkedIn, here are some reasons why you should.


  • Attracts Business Clients
  • Accelerates Go To Market Opportunities
  • Helps You Get Found and Get Deals
  • Creates a Targeted Tribe/ Online Communities
  • Helps You Maintain “Top of Mind Awareness”
  • Establishes Cutting Edge Social Strategies

LinkedIn is known for connecting businesses and people. With the possibility of integration, users can network on-the-go. Stay up to date and share your thoughts.

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