Transcending Technology: From the Work Desk to the Dinner Table

By Kaneisha Montague, Editorial Intern

Technology has infiltrated and transformed many aspects of society, but we few instances of  technology venturing into areas such as dining … until now. Tired of paper menus and a predictable restaurant experience? Do at the View, located at 955 W. Marietta St. in Atlanta, has transformed the ideal restaurant experience. An advanced restaurant that unites art, music and science while serving gourmet pizza, has distinguished itself from the rest due to its paperless menu.

The technologically advanced restaurant allows those dining in to use iPads to order their meals. In addition, the iPads can also be used to select music videos to be played on the projectile walls of the entire restaurant. As if the previous is not enough, those dining may also use the iPad to communicate with customers dining in at other tables all while enjoying the futuristically designed atmosphere. This musically inspired restaurant trail-blazes a path for what can be expected of technology in the future.

Check out our July 2011 issue where writer Glennis Curry looks at do Restaurant and other Atlanta-based companies who are taking Small Biz technology to the next level.



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