Are You Ready to Say “Goodbye” to the Computer Mouse?

By Kelli Bennett, Editorial Intern

Imagine that with just a flick of your finger, you are able to slide your computer cursor around freely without touching anything at all. Though this advancement may seem improbable, a company called Leap Motion is making this fantasy a reality.

The Leap about page encourages the site’s visitors to “Say goodbye to your mouse and keyboard.” Apparently, Leap is 200 times more accurate than anything else on the market, including Kinect and any gaming system.

Leap Motion is aware of the skepticism surrounding its latest device, but it is confident in its abilities: “It sounds too good to be true, we know. But, that’s what we specialize in around here.”

The Leap’s installation seems to be fairly easy, once installed in a computer’s USB port and software is installed, the flashdrive sized apparatus is ready for operation. From there, a Leap user will have a 3D interaction space of 8 cubic feet to precisely interact with and control software on their laptop or desktop computer.

The device can be pre-ordered for 69.99 at

I was hopeful that a technological invention of this magnitude would grace the computer world one day. The universal computer mouse has evolved from a bulky contraption with a chunky cord, to cordless and now, thanks to Leap, may be becoming obsolete.

I have a feeling that it won’t be long until computer keyboards are replaced with small voice boxes users can speak in and translate into a word document script (much like the evolving smart phones).


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