AT Intern: The Start of a New Beginning

By Chela Counts, Editorial Intern

I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship here at Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine. My eyes have been opened and my mind has been forced to think outside of the box. On my first day, I can remember associate editor Kamille Whittaker quickly emphasizing the fact that simply being comfortable not knowing something was no longer acceptable. “Exhaust all the resources you have — and more — before you say you can’t,” she would say. This quote is one that will stick with me in all of my future endeavors.

From my short time here, I was exposed and introduced to so many new things: Writing press releases, People page announcements and attending photo shoots. I got a behind-the-scenes look into how a few days of work turns into an impeccable monthly publication.

Each day, I was expected to perform at my very best. Whether I was sending an e-mail, or reporting morning news stories, the level of professionalism I needed to use was PARAMOUNT! This year’s Corporate Scholarship and Internship guide was my most exciting task to complete. I centered my thoughts and put my best foot forward in encouraging my peers to get serious about our futures. With the help of editor Katrice Mines and Ms. Whittaker, I grew in my writing but more importantly I grew personally. Seldom do you find a staff of experts who are willing to take you under their wings and willingly aid in your personal development. Each staff member here did that for me.

There is no greater feeling than seeing everything you’ve done come together in the end. Now that I’m at the end of my internship, I can walk away proud of what I have accomplished and incorporate the new habits learned into my sophomore year of college. I will start each day by reading the newspaper and forming my own opinions on situations that I see in today’s society. I will always ask questions and conduct research, so that I can be responsible for my future. If you want it, you have to go after it and be disciplined.

I have been humbled by this experience and I am proud to call myself a George A. Lottier Scholarship Foundation recipient.

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