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Benefiting From Economic Cycl...

By Dr. Stanley Riggs   Economic cycles were first recorded in 1349 in Florence, Italy. Sir Isaac Newton (as in “gravity”) lost his fortune w...

The World’s Smallest Scann...

Swiss software company Dacuda has developed a scanning device no bigger than the stapler in your office. The Pocketscan ...


Set an Unrealistic Goal

By Ramese Long “I’m going to do it this year…but, I do wish there was a faster way to get in shape.” How many times have you had...

Hard truths and no excuses!

By Ramese Long In the past few weeks I have seen numerous social media posts with the headline: Can’t wait to get back i...

African-American woman taking a pill.

Your Job and Your Reproductive Rights

By Katrice L. Mines In August, the Obama Administration took several steps to facilitate women receiving coverage for recommended contracept... Continue Reading

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Quick and Painless

By Ramese Long I know you’re busy, so I’ll be brief… I bet you already have an idea what I’m going to say and if you’re thinking it’s about ... Continue Reading


Temper! Temper!

By Ramese Long Here’s a quick one for you… It’s first thing in the morning and you’re running late. You need gas, but there’s no time to sto... Continue Reading